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If you'd like to rejuvenate your looks or soften the signs of aging, we're ideally qualified to help.
As experienced dental professionals with a deep understanding of facial structure and the latest aesthetic treatments, our clients trust us to create perfect results every time.

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Our wrinkle-reducing injections and facial filler treatments are non-surgical and designed to bring out the best in your appearance. We use top products and proven techniques, and our treatments are offered in a safe and professional environment by a team committed to the highest standards of clinical governance and patient care. We directly transfer the skills, experience and approach from our dental practice to facial aesthetics procedures to ensure the same outstanding client experience.

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Consultative approach

We provide aesthetic treatments that are suited to your individual needs in a professional, relaxed environment. Every engagement starts with a personal consultation where we assess your requirements, review your medical history, and discuss the most appropriate type of treatment. We use our clinical knowledge of skin types, facial muscles and nerve supply to advise on treatments that fit best with your desired outcome and physiology. Once a programme is agreed, we make an appointment for your treatment.

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Tried and tested treatments

We offer anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing, appearance-enhancing injections and fillers from the world's leading cosmetic pharmaceutical brands, all administered by qualified specialists. Perfect for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, forehead frown lines and crow's feet, our anti-wrinkle injections work best as preventative treatments and are suitable for men and women of all ages. Facial filler injections are also popular with our clients for tackling wrinkles and plumping up skin to make it appear younger and fresher.

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Wrinkle-reducing injections

As we age our skin becomes less elastic, so lines and wrinkles become permanent. Our anti-ageing injections help to melt away the years, softening expression lines and preventing wrinkles to give you a naturally younger looking appearance that lasts for up to four months.

Fast and simple

Because it's mainly a preventative treatment, the best time to start your injections is when you begin to develop lasting lines on your face. For most clients, treatment is normally completed in less than 15 minutes. Our injections are only available on prescription so your initial consultation will determine if it's the right treatment for you.

Designed around you

After your initial treatment we'll book a review appointment with you for two weeks later where we'll make sure that the procedure has gone to plan and that you're completely happy with the results. One of the reasons our treatments are so popular is that we take a conservative approach so that changes to your appearance are subtle - if you need another session then we can arrange this at the same time.

Facial filler injections

Dermal fillers give your facial skin and lips a fuller, fresher, smoother appearance by replacing the elasticity and collagen that's lost as a result of the aging process. Our popular treatments also help to increase skin hydration and can reduce signs of wrinkles and frown lines.

Long-lasting benefits

Unlike traditional surgical procedures, our injections fill out wrinkles and indentations in your skin using a synthetic version of a natural body material. The benefits of facial filler treatments are not permanent but usually last for six to nine months. Many clients opt for top-up treatments a few months before the original effects wear off - they find that repeating the injections in this way often helps the benefits last longer in the future.

Easy and effective

Treatments are carried out in our modern clinic by a qualified professional who will inject small amounts of gel into the skin using an ultrafine needle. The dermal filler helps to add volume to the skin, smooth out lines and restore facial shape. The injections have an immediate effect on the tone and texture of your skin. We offer a review session 14 days after treatment to assess the results of your injections and discuss any further requirements.


Wrinkle-reducing injections
      Up to three areas

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