Care you can count on

Our approach

Over the last 20 years we’ve created a relaxed, homely practice environment, and during this time many of our patients have become personal friends. Despite the informal atmosphere, we’re renowned for being highly professional and forward thinking. Our team is committed to providing the best possible treatment and care for any condition at the best possible price, and we always take the time to discuss with our patients all available options.

Smart technology

Our approach to providing an outstanding patient experience is based around investment in continuous improvement in both skills and technology. As a smaller practice, we punch well above our weight when it comes to equipment and capabilities. For example, equipment such as our 3D x-ray machine, and computer aided design facilities support the quality of all our treatments, while our 3D printer enables us to produce crowns on-site and offer a same-day service fitting service.

No hidden extras

We prioritise the inclusivity, quality and affordability of our treatments and believe in a system of fair and transparent pricing. We want all our patients to be able to access the treatments they need with complete confidence. Our patients trust us to act in their best interests, value our competitive pricing and know that whatever the treatment, they’ll be no-hidden extras and no nasty surprises.

Meet the team

Dr David Robinson

Principle Dentist

After graduating from Dundee University in 1978, David has been the principal Dentist at Modbury Dental Practice for 20 years. His vision is to create a patient journey that delivers the highest standards of care and service from the time the patient walks into the practice, through to the treatment received in surgery and post-treatment. David has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, sedation and implants . He has 30 years of experience placing implants, and a passion for embracing new technology to keep at the forefront of digital dentistry.


Dental Nurse

Charlotte T


Sophia L


Chloe W

Trainee Dental Nurse

Our patients say some really nice things about us. Here’s a small selection of their comments:

“Thank you David for giving me my smile back when no one else could.”

“I can’t believe the difference you have made. After 22 years I have a mouth to be proud of and I can’t stop smiling! Thank you.”

“David and his team have made an excellent job of my implants and dentures and I have no hesitation in recommending them; the only problem is I wish I had the treatment years ago!”

“The best experience I have ever had with a hygienist. Many thanks.”

“David and the girls have always been amazing to us. I come from Cornwall and Trevor comes from Dorset to see our trusted team. They have always got us sorted. Thank you to all.”

“As always...superb hygienist work! Don’t be afraid, she is so good!”

Fees and payment plans

Initial assessment £95.00 £95.00 £95.00
Child Initial assessment £25.00 £25.00 £25.00
Regular check-ups £55.00 N/A N/A
Child regular exam £15.00 N/A N/A
Small X-ray £10.00 each N/A N/A
O.P.G £250.00 N/A N/A
XLA (extraction) from £150.00 £120.00 N/A
Complex XLA (extraction) from £245.00 £196.00 N/A
Small filling from £130.00 £104.00 N/A
Medium filling from £155.00 £124.00 N/A
Large filling from £185.00 £148.00 N/A
Hygienist £85.00 £68.00  
Root canal treatment
Incisor (1,2,3) £370.00 £296.00 £123.00
Premolar (4,5) £420.00 £336.00 £140.00
Molar (6,7,8) £500.00 £400.00 £167.00
Crown / inlay from £705.00 £564.00 £235.00
Enamic filling £370.00 £296.00 £124.00
Bridge per unit £645.00 £516.00 From £215.00
Post £105.00 £84.00 £75.00
Implant per tooth £2600.00 N/A N/A
Small diameter implants £1600.00 £1280.00 £1280.00
Acrylic denture from £950.00 £600.00 From £400.00
Bone graft £200.00 £200.00 £200.00
Acrylic F / F £1300.00 £880.00 From £700.00
Metal denture from £1500.00 £1040.00 From £800.00
NTI bite splint £280.00 £280.00 £280.00
Soft guard £150.00 for all plans
Sports shield From £100 for all plans
4 case crown / veneer £2400.00 £1920.00 £1920.00
6 case crown / veneer £3600.00 £2880.00 £2880.00
8 case crown / veneer £4800.00 £3840.00 £3840.00
10 case crown / veneer £6000.00 £4800.00 £4800.00
At-home whitening £180.00 £180.00 £180.00
Antibiotics £10.00 £8.00 £8.00
Sedation £250.00 £250.00 £250.00
Emergency appointments: £250.00 including all treatment
Aligners: From £2995.00