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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Advice for patients attending Modbury Dental Practice Ltd during Coronavirus

 The whole team at Modbury Dental Practice are working hard to ensure that your visit to the dental practice will be a pleasant, effective, and most importantly a safe experience. Many of the procedures and protocols that were routinely part of safe delivery of dental care are already well developed and practiced at Modbury Dental Practice. With the COVID19 pandemic we have upgraded many of these routines to ensure that we are offering you the latest in safe dental environments. The risk of virus particle contamination is managed carefully in all areas of the building and clinic room.

We are keen to prepare our clinic prior to your visit as much as possible in order to limit the time you spend in the practice and to allow us to manage your dental problem efficiently and effectively while you are with us. We will endeavour to manage as much pre-visit admin and consultation with you over the phone and by email to streamline your actual on-site visit. 

Please look at the following Modbury Dental Practice guidance that will help us look after you during your visit.

  If you are unwell for any reason it is better to not come to the Dental Practice. If you suspect you have symptoms of COVID 19 please stay at home and follow NHS guidance.

·         Please prepare your-self at home to have freshly scrubbed teeth using your usual oral hygiene measures. We want to avoid a last minute clean up in the Modbury Dental Practice facilities please

·         Please remember to bring your paperwork if you have been asked to complete some admin such as, Your medical history questionnaire, Your consent forms or signed treatment plans.

·         Please remember to bring your plastic payment card.

·         Please do not bring anyone with you into the building if this can be avoided. Of course we are ready to receive parents of small children and carers but please plan to keep siblings and other family and friends out of the building.

·      If you are feverish we will ask you to rebook your appointment for two weeks’ time.

·        You will be offered a hand gel rub at reception and a mask if you have forgotten to bring one.

·         Ideally you use the toilet facilities prior to your visit to the clinic room as we are keen to move you out of the building as soon as possible after your treatment session.

·         Many of us looking after you will also be wearing various levels of PPE but we are all likely to be wearing a mask as we greet you. This is because we will be closer than 2 m

·         We will invite you into the dental surgery that will have been prepared to you to be a safe environment. Your dentist and dental nurse will be wearing PPE with some extra layers being used as we start to do our dentistry for you.

·         After our initial discussion with masks on we will ask to take your mask off. We will give you a tissue to hold along with your face mask throughout the appointment. This is for you to be ready to catch a sneeze or a cough with the tissue helping keep the surgery environment clean.

·         Your dental appointment will be as normal except that the room may be cool for you as we have fresh air and filtered air circulating in the room. Please come prepared to keep yourself warm with an extra layer and covered legs. You will be offered and extra-large paper dental bib that covers you aiming to minimise contamination of your clothing with droplets form our mouth.

·         The air filters add a bit of background noise to the room and your dentists and nurse will sound a bit funny speaking in their masks.

·         At the end of your procedure you can have the usual mouthwash but with the minimum of splutter please. Use your tissue and then put your face mask back on before leaving the room.

·         We will ask you to go to reception to make another appointment if required and of course to pay the bill. Please be prepared to use your plastic payment card as the payment machine is offered to you through the screen by the receptionist. Cheques and cash introduce extra levels of contamination risk that we are keen to avoid.

·         In many cases we will request that we make further appointments for you over the phone later in the day or the next day. Often treatment plans will be presented by email or in the post with discussion and scheduling done by phone in order to keep our building as socially distanced as possible during the working day.

·         All your treatments will be planned carefully and will be managed in a cool calm and COVID19 safe environment. There will be extra expense related to PPE and extended appointment times for some treatments. Your up to date treatment plan will have these costs detailed within it.

·         At Modbury Dental Practice we are determined that your experiences under our care continue to be effective reassuring and confidence building while we offer you detailed attention as comfortably and safely as possible.

·         Many thanks for working with us as we manage your dentistry in these tricky times.